BMD Consulting s.r.o.

We believe briefly that our client is of a free will, responsible and qualified and has own goals and ideas how to accomplish them. Therefore we don't offer a recommendation how to do business and/or manage a company, a project or a team. We don't offer standard, generally-in-the-area type of software, that the client must then get accustomed to and at the same time vanishes in the seemingly secure mass of competitors. In contrast, we take our services as an active dialogue with the client, that is based on the common interest to better and shift things in the direction desired.

Services tailored to fit. Software by request.

Business Advice

In the dialogue with client, together we look for fitting procedures, tools and methods which will allow and/or facilitate the realization of client's own will or vision or develop the client and client's team in a way that might be requested.

Project Management

Accomplishing strategic development goals and improving operating characteristics of a company is usually realized in a form of projects. We are able to directly manage client's development project or cooperate to ensure it's quality. We use modified versions of commonly known methods of project management, always individualy prepared for the specific needs of our client and the project.

The Development of Custome-made Software

A very efficient tool for improving the operation of a company or its strategic development is appropriate software. Because there is a variety of off-the-peg systems creating a lot of diversity in the amount of flexibility (or rigidity), there are many situations where the use of simple specialised and efficient software can bring unexpected growth of productivity, efectivity of an investition, or "just" the means to improve the managment of a company, its inside procedures or its business. An important result is often distinguishing the client from the competition.

Operating and maintaining of such system is still very flexible and proves to be much more efficient than with more robust standardized or industrialised solutions. That is the reason why lately this tipe of tailor-made development is becoming mre polpular with the consumers that want to gain or keep important competitive advantages.

Accounting, Economics, Tax Advice

By us controlled companies of group APOS provide services in these fields for over twenty years. We have experience and its also their mission to, except of making those services more efficient, they also can noticably relieve our clients of trouble with accounting and contact with the finance office and a jungle of tax laws. Our clients can therefore focuse more on the development and/or managment of their comanies. You can browse through what we have to offer on the web of group APOS.

Come and see for yourself. In case of any questions at all don't hesitate to contact us.